Donald Trump’s White House is now officially blaming the black guy for Trump-Russia scandal

If you’re a racist and sexist leader pandering to a base full of racist and sexist supporters, the easiest way to distract your base from your own scandals is to simply blame it on the black guy, or blame it on a woman. Now that Michael Flynn has directly incriminated Donald Trump for conspiring with the Russian government during the election, things are playing out in pitifully stereotypical fashion, as Fox News is blaming a woman, and Trump’s White House is blaming a black guy. No, really.

Fox News floated the claim this afternoon that Michael Flynn’s former deputy KT McFarland was actually the one who told Flynn to conspire with the Russian Ambassador (link). This is utter nonsense, as there has never been any indication that McFarland was in on it. Moreover, Flynn was her boss, not the other way around, meaning he wouldn’t have taken an order like that from her. Fox seems to have simply decided to scapegoat McFarland because she’s a woman, and hey, maybe Trump’s sexist base will go for it. But it got even uglier when Trump’s own White House tried to designate a scapegoat.

Donald Trump’s White House is now incredibly claiming that President Obama gave Michael Flynn permission to conspire with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period, therefore making it legal, according to a CNN report (link). Trump is literally blaming Obama for the fact that Trump and Flynn have been caught committing treason against the United States.

Of course these are merely the first scattershot racist and sexist distractions that Donald Trump and his remaining allies are cranking out in the wake of the Michael Flynn plea deal. They’ll find a way to make it even uglier before it’s all said and done. Perhaps they’ll blame it all on clueless Ben Carson. We’re only half kidding.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report