Donald Trump is now targeting waiters and puppies. No, really.

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There is literally nothing Donald trump won’t do to hurt us all. So, here are a few that have kind of gone under the radar.

Number One: Puppy Mills

Under President Obama, puppy mills were being forced to treat their breeding dogs and the puppies humanely in clean and safe conditions. They were prohibited from over-breeding and were required to maintain their health.

So, when nothing Trump does shocks us much anymore, this should infuriate you. There was public data on the USDA Website until Trump took office, after which it disappeared. Now it takes months to get info and a recent inquiry from Florida about puppy mills produced a 54 page completely redacted document. The Humane Society is fighting this hard. As with everything Trump, the first question is how much did the puppy mill industry pay Trump to do this? We’ll keep you informed as we find out more info about this.

Number Two: Tipping is not a city in Tipperary

While it’s been a mostly well kept secret, it’s still a reality. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta proposed a new regulation to allow restaurant owners to pocket the tips of employees who depend on tips to survive.

How many of you worked for tips, know people who work for tips or care about those who do? My kids both did it while going to college as it was a job they could do and still get their education. Now, Trump’s stooge in Labor wants to let owners keep the tips? You might ask where this idiocy came from. Well, it’s easy, look no further than Donald Trump!!! He did it himself with Trump Taj Mahal Casino! He was sued several times by people he collected money from on credit cards and a portion was for a tip.

Trump is so evil and so greedy, he’d literally steal TIPS? How greedy does a “millionaire” have to be to steal hundreds of dollars from his own employees? So, did the restaurant lobby pay Trump? Why else would he do this? Both of these items are pending, so please contact your local representatives!!

I suspect we all love our dogs and puppies, so please, NEVER BUY A DOG! There are adoption groups for every breed, there are websites like you can find a lot of dogs looking for a forever home. And plenty of pups are waiting for you at local shelters all over America. Just NEVER buy a dog from a pet store ever. If you buy from a breeder, make sure they are AKC certified and have no complaints! If you eat out, please pay tips in cash. If the restaurant says they will keep tips, if this inane law passes, walk out. There will be decent owners who’ll give their staff their hard earned tips. If not, don’t eat there!

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