U.S. intel agencies are keeping top secrets from Donald Trump’s Russia-tainted White House

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Over the past few days it’s become clear that the United States intelligence community is indeed investigating Donald Trump’s connections to Russia, and leaking its findings to the media along the way. But now comes another revelation today that the National Security Agency and the Pentagon, among others, are withholding their most sensitive intel from Donald Trump’s White House — under the assumption that anything they share with Trump will be leaked to the Russians.

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One top Pentagon official is now flatly asserting that the Kremlin has eyes and ears inside the White House Situation Room. And an NSA official explains that the “good stuff” is being held back from Trump’s White House entirely, in order to keep him and his staff from leaking it to Russia. And these precautions, despite just surfacing now, have apparently been in place from the moment Trump was sworn in, says the Observer. That’s a historically unprecedented development, and it suggests that this all runs much deeper than is publicly known.

Trump is a Russian spy

This means that even before National Security Advisor Michael T. Flynn (who is not connected to the National Security Agency despite the same “NSA” initials) was exposed this weekend for having repeatedly colluded by phone with the Russian ambassador before and after the election, the U.S. intelligence community was already working under the assumption that there were one or more Russian spies or moles with high level positions in Trump’s White House — and taking it so seriously that the most secure secrets have been on lockdown from Day One.

This also appears to mean that the intel community believes these short term precautions are sustainable – which in turn suggests that the intel community doesn’t expect Trump and/or his Russian mole(s) to be in the White House for much longer. Withholding the most sensitive U.S. intel from the president – even a compromised president – could lead to long term problems, as situations arise where the White House needs to act upon that intelligence. Systematically cutting off the president from intel wouldn’t be sustainable for four years. So it’s as if the intel community believes that Trump and/or his moles will be going down sooner rather than later.

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