Russia meltdown: Michael Flynn suggests he and Donald Trump may be gone within a year

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Based on the events of the past few days, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has now risen to the top of the growing list of embattled Donald Trump advisors who appear to have one foot out the door. The U.S. intelligence community has caught him colluding with Russia before and after Election Day, meaning that he’s going down for the Trump-Russia scandal; it’s just a matter of who else goes with him. And based on a leaked quote from Flynn, he doesn’t appear to think that the Trump administration is long for this world.

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In a new expose from the New York Times which highlights the sheer magnitude of the dysfunction within the Donald Trump White House, it’s revealed that numerous National Security Council employees have already transferred out to other agencies in order to get away from Trump. Staff members at the White House are now meeting at local bars in the middle of the night to plot how to protect themselves from Trump’s paranoia. And some of Trump’s people have resorted to using encrypted communications, in an attempt to shield their conversations with each other from Trump’s White House loyalists. But the strangest revelation comes directly from Michael Flynn himself.

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Flynn’s own Deputy National Security Advisor K. T. McFarland asked some National Security Council employees if they still expected to be working at the White House in a year. This prompted Flynn to jump in and ask “I wonder if we’ll be here a year from now?” From the context it’s not certain whom he meant by “we.” But he appeared to be saying that the entire Trump administration may be gone from the White House within a year.

While this may have been an attempt at White House self deprecation, as the New York Times suggests, the remark is important because it comes at a time when Trump is trying to decide whether to scapegoat and fire Flynn for the Russia scandal. In such case all eyes would then be on Flynn to see if he spills the beans on Trump in retaliation. Did Flynn just suggest that he’ll be taking everyone down with him?

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