These two stooges deserve each other

There are numerous ways to define the worst people on earth. But by any objective criteria, two of the very worst sat across from each other in a surreal meeting of the mindless yesterday. On the one hand you’ve got Kim Jong Un, a murderous monster who has consistently shown he’s more than willing to fundamentally harm all of his own people for personal gain. On the other hand you’ve got Donald Trump, a career criminal who committed treason in the name of illegitimately seizing control of the United States.

None of this, of course, even seems real. Kim is such a cartoon villain, he once had his uncle murdered and fed him to the dogs. Trump is such a cartoon villain, he was once given a television show where his sole job was to humiliate people while pretending to fire them. Trump’s persona as a reality show host aside, let’s not pretend for one second that he’s any less of a monster than Kim is. As we speak, Trump has thousands of immigrant kids locked up in cages in subhuman conditions that can only be described as concentration camps.

And yet for all their inherent and dangerous and deadly evil, these two monsters are also complete stooges. From birth, they’ve each lived such lives of unearned privilege, they seem to have no idea that they’re villains. They’re both unstable and mischievous sociopaths who lack any trace of empathy. They both see themselves as suave leading men, when most observers see them both as creepy weirdos.

These two stooges are so unfamiliar with concepts like respectability, or professionalism, or sanity, or reality, they both thought it was a good idea to bring Dennis Rodman to their summit. He’s the former NBA star who is best known for existing on a mental plane all to himself. Rodman showed up wearing a t-shirt advertising marijuana cryptocurrency, whatever the hell that is – and yet he’s the best that Trump and Kim can collectively muster. These creepy weirdos deserve each other.

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