The worst deal in United States history

Donald Trump has routinely and falsely accused President Obama’s peace deal with Iran as being the “worst” deal in United States history. This is both because Trump is a pathological liar, and because he’s clinically obsessed with Obama. In reality the Iran deal was lopsided almost entirely in America’s favor, because Obama was a master negotiator and he was dealing from a position of strength. Now that Trump has finally tried his hand at negotiating his own peace deal with North Korea, the details are quickly making clear that Trump truly has made the worst deal in U.S. history.

Donald Trump has agreed to bring an end to joint military exercises with South Korea, leaving the key U.S. ally vulnerable, and ceding any military influence the U.S. has in the region to China. Trump has made Kim Jong Un, a murderous lunatic, ten times stronger on the world stage. So what has Trump gotten in return? Once you get past the nonsense, literally nothing.

Kim is promising to denuclearize, but the agreement signed by Trump and Kim doesn’t include any process for inspection or verification. Kim has promised to dismantle his nuclear testing site, but according to Trump, that wasn’t written into the deal either, because “we didn’t have time.” There isn’t one binding word in this deal that will force Kim to do anything. There is no benefit here for the North Korean people; instead they’re more stuck with Kim than ever. Trump will brag about the release of a few hostages, but Kim has been periodically releasing hostages to the U.S. for several years; Obama never had to give up anything to get them.

The facts make clear that Donald Trump gave away the farm to Kim Jong Un because he’s just that desperate for an “accomplishment” as his illegitimate presidency continues to unravel. History is already going to remember Trump’s as a traitor who died in prison. Now history will remember him as a pathetically failed negotiator as well.

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