Twitter idiot Donald Trump “likes” a tweet which accuses Jeff Sessions of perjury

We’ve all learned by now that Donald Trump isn’t particularly skilled when it comes to using his favorite online toy, Twitter. In fact he’s a Twitter idiot. He’s taken two and three tries to figure out how to spell basic words correctly. He’s retweeted people without realizing they were white supremacists. And now he’s gone further off the Twitter deep end by “liking” a tweet which asserts that his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions committed perjury.

Jeff Sessions claimed during his confirmation hearings earlier this year that he’d had no contact with Russian officials during the campaign, but it’s since been demonstrated that he met with the Russian Ambassador at least three times. Senator Al Franken has told various media outlets that he believes Jeff Sessions committed perjury. One of those news outlets, Fox Nation, published an article with the headline “Franken Says He Thinks Sessions Committed Perjury.”

We all know Donald Trump thinks Fox News is the only “real” cable news network, which explains why he would have read the Fox News article about Franken and Sessions. But this was an article which should have enraged Trump. Instead he clicked the “Like” button on the Fox Nation story in question. Assuming the Twitter idiot will have deleted it by the time you read this, here’s a screen capture:


Despite having posted more than 34,000 tweets in total, Donald Trump has only ever “liked” a total of just forty-six tweets from other users. He uses the “like” feature on rare occasions to announce victories or highlight family accomplishments. So it stands out as even more stunning that he liked an article in which his own Attorney General is being accused of perjury in the headline. Does he pay no attention to what he’s clicking on? And yet this Twitter idiot is being trusted with the nuclear launch buttons. Contribute to Palmer Report!

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