Donald Trump and his goons flame out

When Wilbur Ross holds a can of Campbell’s Soup to stem the bleeding stock fall after Trump’s insane tariff nonsense, we know it is has to be game over. They are the anachronistic swamp dwellers, blind to our realities, to our daily minute by minute lives. As a $31,000 dining set for Ben Carson gets cancelled over the bad optics, after Price paid the price for his extravagance, others remain in the turgid Trump morass, clinging on by the skin of their teeth after their crimes against the purse of the people.

The Kushners, mired in debt, offer Green Cards and influence to bail out the Devil’s Tower at 666. Well no more, the spotlight is shining deep into the hearts of these transparent charlatans who attempted to hide in plain sight. They will all, GOP and all, rue the day they went Trump, with Russia as the seedy duplicitous financier.

The winds of change are creating a tidal wave of change, that will ultimately see a political landscape bereft of billionaires and their gutless cronies. When a billionaire, asleep on the job can lecture America on the minuscule increase of the cost of the can from tariff bump ups, as Campbell’s stocks tank along with the entire Global market, it’s all over.

A somnambulist who can afford to buy an original Warhol Campbell’s can painting, as millions collect theirs from food banks, tell us that the March winds will turn the tide, such that he, Donald Trump and the GOP will be left flailing and rotting on the sands of time.

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