The real reason the Republicans are still aboard Donald Trump’s sinking ship

How can anyone of sound mind continue to defend the indefensible in the Trump Russia fiasco? It depends on their political party. There were by all accounts strong verifiable lines of direct communication between members of Trump’s family and Putin. Meetings with Russian oligarchs and campaign officials. Unprecedented Presidential meetings in the Whitehouse with Russians behind closed doors. Those facts are irrefutable.

The only questions here are, were they legal, and do they rise to the level of criminal and moreover impeachable offenses? The answer depends on who you ask and who you are asking about. During Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal it was Republicans who finally refused to support Nixon. Republicans went on to face devastation anyway in the 1974 midterm elections, losing forty-nine House and five Senate seats. Doing the right thing was too little too late.

Republicans today are taking quite the oppisite stance and defending Trump against a torrent of ethical and criminal indiscretions while still pushing easily knocked down conspiracy theories and debunked rumors and innuendoes about other political figures whose names need not be mentioned. Why? They already know blowback will be certain.

Republicans doing the right thing with Nixon created too many casualties. Now they have the opportunity for a do-over, to do not what is right for the country and the world, but what is right for themselves. Have they no shame?

I watch Fox News and listen to right wing radio out of morbid curiosity