Donald Trump’s secret CIA plot to sabotage the Trump-Russia probe has been exposed, and it’s laughably inept

Donald Trump has said and done virtually nothing, at least in the public eye, to fight back against the Trump-Russia investigation in the nine days since the high profile arrests got underway. We’ve all suspected that he had something cooking behind the scenes, and sure enough, his secret plan to sabotage the Trump-Russia probe has now been exposed. It’s a demented plot involving the highest levels of the CIA – but it’s also laughably inept.

Earlier today The Intercept reported that Trump had personally met with his handpicked CIA Director Mike Pompeo to push the phony conspiracy theory that the DNC email hack was an inside job (in reality it was long ago demonstrated that it was done by Russian government hackers trying to help Trump). The Intercept is never to be taken at its word. It’s a disturbingly Russia-aligned publication which spent the entire Democratic primary season dishonestly trying to divide the left against itself for Trump’s gain. However, respected reporter Ken Dilanian of NBC News is now independently confirming the same story, meaning it’s real – and it’s stunning.

Donald Trump is now taking his abuse of power so far, he’s actively trying to goad the head of the CIA into launching an investigation into an imaginary conspiracy theory that has zero evidence behind it, simply in the hope of smearing his adversaries in order to distract from the investigation into his own criminal behavior. This alone is a crime against the Constitution and an impeachable offense. It’s also so incompetent, it’s almost funny.

This is Donald Trump’s master plan for fighting back? He’s trying to get the CIA to manufacture some evidence that the DNC hacked itself? He thinks anyone outside of his delusional and shrinking base is going to fall for this comedy routine? If this is the best Trump can come up with, even as the arrests in the Trump-Russia march closer to his doorstep, then he’s finished.

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