Insider: Trump-Russia arrests have Jared Kushner panicking, and Ivanka Trump’s life is in ruins

Now that the indictments and arrests are firmly underway in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal and the dominoes are beginning to fall, outsiders are asking if and when Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner might end up being arrested. According to an insider who is close to them both, Kushner himself appears to be very much worried about that same prospect. Moreover, as the probe digs deeper, his wife Ivanka Trump is set to lose everything.

An unnamed source close to Jared and Ivanka has blabbed to Vanity Fair in a new profile piece which describes them both as being “in a world of shit” (link). After the initial announcement eleven days ago that the first Trump-Russia arrests were about to begin, Kushner began frantically working the phones as it set in for him that the investigation is truly serious enough to reach him. The remarkable part is that he’s just now beginning to figure this out.

Kushner secretly met with Russian government representatives during the election, as part of a meeting aimed at illegally obtaining damaging information on Hillary Clinton. He secretly met with the Russian Ambassador and the head of a Russian bank during the transition period, raising questions of financial legality. He reportedly tried to set up a secret backchannel through the Russian Embassy. He lied about all of the above on his White House security clearance forms, which is an imprisonable felony. Yet Kushner just now seems to be figuring out that he’s in trouble, and that the Trump-Russia investigation is working its way up to him. This may explain why Kushner began cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller last week by giving him documents relating to Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey.

That same Vanity Fair source says that thanks to the Trump-Russia scandal and the impending collapse of her father’s illegitimate presidency, Ivanka Trump’s life is in ruins: “She’s been working on her reputation forever, and now it’s going to suffer horrifically.” This comes as the details of the scandal get uglier by the day, and the indictments and arrests continue, so it’ll only get worse for them.

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