Donald Trump’s head is three weeks away from completely exploding

Donald Trump is flat out losing whatever tenuous grip he might have ever had on reality and mental competence. He’s now deteriorating so badly by the day that members of his own party, and even members of his own staff, have begun publicly fretting over it. One thing in particular reportedly helped send him over the edge to begin with. Now that one particular thing is about to get a whole lot worse for him.

Various reports have stated that Trump’s downward spiral began accelerating when he tried and failed to get Luther Strange elected in Alabama last month. Trump loudly endorsed Strange on Twitter, and even traveled to the state to campaign for him. Yet Strange lost the special election primary race rather badly to fellow Republican Roy Moore. It was enough to prompt Trump to realize that his electoral mojo is gone, that he can’t motivate his own base to turn out for anyone, and that he really is as unpopular as the polls say he is. He couldn’t accept that reality, so instead he began completely cracking up. Here’s why it’s about to get worse.

Because he can’t help himself, Donald Trump is now backing another loser. He’s throwing his weight behind Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia. The trouble is that Gillespie was far behind in the polls when Trump began promoting him, and he’s still just as far behind. It’s not that Gillespie is guaranteed to lose. If the anti-Trump resistance wants Democratic candidate Ralph Northam to win, they need get out and campaign for him.

But if Gillespie does lose as expected, it’ll mean Donald Trump has once again loudly backed a candidate who went on to lose. If Trump couldn’t handle the psychological impact of his one-off failure in Alabama, just wait until til he fails in similar fashion in Virginia. If the resistance can push Northam to victory in three weeks, Trump’s head will completely explode.

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