The real calm before the storm

Nothing about anything in America has been calm since the day Donald Trump stole a rigged election, and for that matter, since the day he embarrassingly entered the race. But within the context of the turbo berserk roller coaster we’ve all been stuck on since that time, and the manner in which it’s been accelerating for the past month, this weekend has been less about the roller coaster and more about the fact that we all know a Shaquille O’Neal sized shoe is about to drop on someone.

Let’s be honest. We don’t even know for sure how some of these latest pieces fit together; we only know that they’re not all happening by coincidence. Robert Mueller has skipped all the way to interviewing Trump’s former chief of staff, even as it’s exposed that Trump’s former campaign chairman was committing treason level crimes. In these same past few days, Trump has suddenly begun frantically torching America like a drunken patron who knows he’s about to get thrown out of the bar and figures he might as well trash the place on the way out the door.

Trump has unilaterally taken desperate moves to try to destroy everything from health care to peace with Iran, and for no reason other than the fact that he’s always wanted to destroy these things because they have President Obama’s name on them. Trump is an unhinged sociopath; we’ve always known this. But why torch these things now? Why not last month? Why not next month? Something is going on here. We can’t quite put out r finger yet on what it is. Trump, despite his largely failed mental function, seems to know simething we don’t for once.

So what happens next? In the tragedy that is the Donald Trump reign of terror, things were always going to have to get worse before they could get better. Things are now bottoming out in a manner that won’t be sustainable for long. Trump knows it too; it’s why he’s trying to take a flamethrower to the country while he still can. Something is about to give on his end. As utterly chaotic as things are in this moment, it’s still the relative calm before the storm. Buckle up. But keep in mind that it’s always darkest before the sunrise.

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