This hideous monster just can’t help himself

Donald Trump is so bad at this “president” thing, he’s even failed to deliver on most of his deranged campaign promises. Finally, over the weekend, he had a rare good day for himself. His profoundly hideous Brett Kavanaugh nomination somehow managed to cross the finish line with the wheels coming off and flames shooting out of the hood. It was nonetheless an “accomplishment” in the sense that Trump wants to accomplish as much corrupt evil as possible. So how did he savor the moment? By crapping himself.

Last night Donald Trump posted this tweet, which sounded precisely like that kind of gaslighting propaganda that you’d expect to hear from the most impotent of two-bit third-world dictators: “You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob. Democrats have become too EXTREME and TOO DANGEROUS to govern. Republicans believe in the rule of law – not the rule of the mob. VOTE REPUBLICAN!”

Wait a minute here… this piece of crap just got exposed this week as having spent decades committing financial fraud, to the point that his entire fortune consists of stolen money. Trump just put a guy on the Supreme Court who spent his entire testimony committing felony perjury, and then blocked the FBI from being able to investigate the multiple sexual assault allegations against him – and he has the nerve to claim he and his party believe in the rule of law?

The thing is, Donald Trump is so disgustingly deranged, he just can’t help himself. Instead of trying to act remotely presidential for once, he’s outright taunting the majority of Americans who oppose everything he stands for. If he thinks that talking like a dictator is somehow going to scare his opposition into backing down, he’s even stupider than he looks. Trump just made the mistake of challenging real Americans into putting everything they have into winning the midterms.