Yep, Russia wanted Brett Kavanaugh

While it is no surprise that most of Donald Trump’s supporters were pushing for Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed to the Supreme Court, you may be shocked to learn who else was making the biggest push to ensure it happened: Russia. So what could be behind the Kremlin’s desperation to help confirm Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court?

It turns out Russian President Vladimir Putin was extremely concerned with Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. However, Putin’s motivation was very different than that of conservative America, which was largely centered around criminalizing abortion. According to the most recent data, Russia is home to the highest rate of abortion of all advanced countries.

According to Russian State Media, the Kremlin was doing everything it could to ensure Kavanaugh’s confirmation. One of the best trackers of online Russian bots, an individual known as Hamilton 68, has compiled data showing that the top two bot shared hashtags discuss Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Now what could be the reason for Russia, and its bots, to promote the narrative that the best option for America was the confirmation of Kavanaugh? With Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation closing in on Trump, Putin must know that the likelihood of a Trump impeachment grows every day.

If Donald Trump is removed in favor of someone who actually puts America over Russia (it won’t be Pence), one of the first things they will do is implement new sanctions against Russia. With such an ugly possibility in play, Putin is sure to do everything in his power to avoid it.