The enemies list

If the occasion called for it, I could easily list off some things that I don’t like or respect about Meghan McCain – but never in a million years would I consider her to be my enemy, or America’s enemy. Such a notion would be utterly preposterous. I can’t imagine how any reasonable person, on any side of the political spectrum, could feel that way about her. That’s why it was startling, if not at all surprising, to hear some of Donald Trump’s lackeys on Fox News suddenly casting her as an enemy of the state. Her crime: saying something nice about her own father at his memorial service.

If we’re being fair, she did a little more than that. She inverted Trump’s campaign slogan while praising John McCain, a man who deserves that praise, even though there were some things I didn’t like or respect about him as well. But this was all it took? Meghan McCain speaks a few words without even mentioning Trump’s name, and suddenly she goes on the “enemies” list. These are scary, scary times.

Donald Trump is some kind of weird mix of Adolf Hitler and the Three Stooges, so we’re sometimes tempted to laugh at the idea of a doofus like him even having an enemies list. After all, this is the guy who makes it all the way to the Oval Office, yet still spends most of his time whining and complaining like a spoiled infant. But look around. Trump can’t figure out how to fight people like Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein, so instead he calls for the lives of people like Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe to be ruined – and sure enough, his lackeys promptly make that happen.

Trump even destroys the lives of his own lackeys when they turn on him. Steve Bannon said a few ugly words about Trump’s family, and within a few days Bannon had lost his website, his radio show, and his billionaire backers. Bannon, a white supremacist piece of filth, deserved to lose those things anyway. But Strzok and McCabe sure didn’t deserve to lose their careers and reputations. Meghan McCain doesn’t deserve any of the fallout that Trump’s lackeys have been heaping on her this week.

The truly scary thing about Donald Trump is that he knows the position of power he’s in, and he knows what his henchmen will do to anyone he speaks ill of – yet he does it anyway. Even as he continues to be gradually and deservedly destroyed for the endless crimes he’s committed against America, he continues to willfully destroy whoever he decides is his scapegoat in any given week. He’s a petty despot of the worst kind. It’s a sobering reminder of why so many patriotic Americans have put their lives on hold in order to fight against this bastard until he’s defeated. Trump has shown us precisely what a real enemy of America looks like – and it’s his own face.

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