The show has reached a new low

Most people only have one reason to refuse participation in an investigation, and that reason would be that they are guilty. Donald Trump may as well define that word, because he is so far under the muck, he can’t even lie his way out. His lawyers won’t let him be questioned because frankly, Trump is too corrupt and dense to survive it. So, it means not only is he a criminal, but he is a dumb criminal.

It is time, if not past time, for America to recognize that Putin installed a dumbass in the White House to screw with us, and he has thus far gotten away with it. Putin, a misogynist, was so angered by Hillary Clinton’s encouraging the Russian populace to refute Putin, he set out to ruin her politically. Putin, fully aware of Trump’s idiocy and his own misogyny, certainly knew what he was doing when he manipulated Americans during the presidential election process.

It is time for Trump supporters to put up or shut up. If you support Trump, then you better have a good reason and be prepared to back it up. Otherwise, you are just a racist being manipulated by a group of dictatorial freeloaders. It has become clear that Republicans are not going to step up and do the patriotic thing by condemning the Trump administration, despite its obvious atrocities, like family separation. Some Republicans have defected, but only those whom Trump has humiliated or angered, or were fired by Trump. Those with financial and political stakes in Trump’s game are in it for the long haul. It would be nice to be able to say they are at least loyal, but chances are, the reason someone stays loyal to Trump is because they too, are corrupt.

Donald Trump is fond of condemning people who dare to speak out against him, even if their complaints are legitimate. Trump and many Republicans complain bitterly of “leakers” as if they are giving away state secrets by calling Trump a fucking idiot. Trump has more leakers than a colander, yet he and his friends continue to scratch their heads as if they can’t figure out why that is. Well, let us spell it out for you then. America is one of the most progressive countries in the world and we don’t tolerate fascists easily. If you want to betray American values, we won’t just leak it, we’ll shout it to the rooftops.

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