Robert Mueller is targeting the Trump-Russia guy who could flip on Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr

When it comes to the dominoes now falling in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, it’s “every man for himself.” That’s a direct quote from an unnamed Trump campaign adviser who tells CBS News that Trump’s people are all turning on each other as they each try to cut a deal. Buried deeper in that same CBS report is the belief that a certain Trump-Russia figure may be on the verge of being arrested – and his only way out might be to flip on two of Donald Trump’s kids.

The report from CBS News lists seven names who are believed to be the next targets for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Most of them are easy to figure out, based on various reporting that’s already surfaced: Michael Flynn and his son, Sam Clovis, Jared Kushner, Michael Cohen, and Carter Page (link). The seventh is a lesser known name: Felix Sater. He’s previously been convicted of money laundering in relation to the Russian mafia, and of stabbing a man in the face with a bar glass. But his real claim to fame is that he’s spent years doing major real estate deals with the Trump Organization.

To be clear, there is no specific publicly available evidence that Sater has committed any new crimes. However, one of the partnerships between Sater and the Trump Organization was a highly troubled project called Trump Soho. It’s long been widely suspected that the deal wasn’t on the up and up. It just so happens that the deal in question was reportedly spearheaded not by Donald Trump himself, but by Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

If the Trump Soho deal is indeed as shady as it has long appeared, Robert Mueller may be able to convince Felix Sater to keep himself upright by testifying against Ivanka and Don Junior. So this particular line of investigation could end up getting two of Trump’s kids indicted or arrested.

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