Senile Donald Trump’s incoherent bragging goes off the deep end

Donald Trump’s worsening senility is increasingly on display with each passing day. He repeatedly gets confused and blankly wanders away in the middle of his own events. He can’t complete a coherent sentence without a teleprompter. His own aides are leaking to the media that he’s losing it, because they’re now scared enough to want him ousted. Trump added another piece of evidence to the senility pile this morning with one of his most bizarre tweets yet.

On Thursday night, Trump signed an executive order aimed at taking health insurance away from as many Americans as possible, in what can only be seen as a spiteful attempt at sabotaging Obamacare in order to undo President Obama’s legacy. Trump’s order was illegal, and he’s already been promptly sued by more than a dozen states. Then this morning he went and admitted just how gleefully deranged his motives truly are.

Trump tweeted “Health Insurance stocks, which have gone through the roof during the ObamaCare years, plunged yesterday after I ended their Dems windfall!” Wait a minute here. Whenever the stock market goes up, Trump loudly brags about it and tries to take credit. Whenever other indicators such as the latest job report suggest that the economy is in a tailspin and that the stock market is living on borrowed time, Trump ignores it. But here, Trump is outright bragging about having harmed the stock market, as the Dow Jones Industrial closed lower overall on Friday, thanks to the sinking health care stocks.

What Donald Trump doesn’t seem to get is that health care stocks went down yesterday because his idiotic executive order serves to drive a wedge between customers and health care providers; both sides will end up greatly suffering. Yet Trump doesn’t seem to get that. Nor does he get the irony of bragging one day that the stock market went up, only to brag the next day that he directly caused the stock market to go down.

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