NRA chief Wayne LaPierre steps in it

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My first article yesterday dealt with the Broward County town hall meeting featuring the Parkland students, three Florida politicians and a spokeswoman from the NRA. Marco Rubio, the Republican Senator from Florida, stepped right into a big pile of elephant dung! The students called him out on his position. Today, it’s time for the NRA to follow that same elephant. On C-SPAN the NRA chief stated that the right to protect yourself was granted by “God.”

I went back and read the ten commandments and to my surprise, “Thou shalt kill others using an AR-15 assault rifle” was NOT one of the commandments etched on that stone tablet. In fact, just the opposite. “Forgive 70 times 7.” “Turn the other cheek.” These are just two examples that came to my mind. I asked a pastor friend of mine if he knows where God grants us that right. He just shook his head.

I’m here to warn you NRA/GOP, the YouthQuake and the Blue Tsunami are SOON going to come crashing down on you like a pile of bricks! Some of the NRA’s selling points have been “guns don’t kill people.” “If more people had a gun.” “Laws regulating gun sales wouldn’t work.” I even heard their spokeswoman say that when the Constitution was being written, there WERE automatic weapons? Well, these tag lines may make you feel better about yourselves and may have worked in the past, but times are a changing. Your lies will not work anymore.

Another tactic used by the GOP and the NRA is to deflect. Point fingers and blame everything and everyone while ignoring their part of this epidemic. The NRA chief blames the families, the churches, the teachers, the healthcare system and even the FBI. I guess with their bizarre thinking God made assault rifles. Noah must have had an AR-15 on the Arc to protect the animals. Am I a little sarcastic? you bet!

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