Marco Rubio can kiss his career goodbye

Marco Rubio can kiss his political career goodbye. In the town hall meeting with the Parkland survivors tonight, he attempted to do the same thing to the students as most GOPers do to us. Not answer the question and change the subject. A student asked him if he would no longer accept money from the NRA. Simple yes/no question right? Rubio said that people buy into his agenda: “I’m for protecting students!” he continued trying to placate the students. Didn’t go over well there, and it won’t go over well here. This was being televised by CNN and will be replayed at 1am Eastern time.

Why is it that these politicians treat us like we are stupid? It makes my blood boil! As you can imagine, the young adults at that town hall, our future leaders, learned all they needed to know about Mr. Rubio. His primary focus in life is his own political career. If that means taking thousands of dollars from the NRA, $9900 to be exact for his last election, that’s what he will do.

Little does Senator Rubio know, the YouthQuake is going to shake things up in his future.No more free lunch, Marco. These young adults are going to join the Blue Tsunami in November 2018 and in the future. Between the Women’s movement and the YouthQuake, WE will be unstoppable. The best way to insure that these students succeed, is to talk down to them & tell them that something is impossible.

This is what many are doing right now. It motivates them, so keep on doing it. Right now, a representative from the NRA is speaking at the town hall. I’m ready to throw my TV through my front window!

I’m a retired clinical pharmacist. Always for the underdog. I’m a Democrat, a dog lover and love to cook!