Saturday Night Live says what we’re all now thinking about Donald Trump

In case you’re on the west coast or you haven’t yet fired up the DVR, I won’t spoil the details for you. Saturday Night Live did indeed open with Alec Baldwin portraying a sullen Donald Trump who knows the end is near thanks to Michael Flynn, and it was hilarious. But what struck me most about this particular episode of SNL was one moment during Weekend Update in which Michael Che said what we’re all now thinking about Trump.

The short of it is that after Flynn cut a deal to sell out Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, the Republican Senate frantically passed a half finished and absurdly sloppy tax scam bill for the wealthy. It didn’t want to wait one more day to regroup and try to pass this thing with more coherency. Why? Because, in the words of Che, “they know.”

Based on publicly available evidence, we already know that Flynn has enough dirt to take Trump and his cohorts down. But the Republicans in the Senate know more. Some of them sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Some of them have seen high level classified evidence about the Trump-Russia scandal. They know what Trump did. They know who can rat him out in ways that will destroy him. And now that Flynn has decided to indeed rat him out, they’re trying to finish the job on behalf of their wealthy donors as quickly as they possibly can.

The Republicans in Congress know that Donald Trump is a goner. They know it more thoroughly, and more convincingly, than we do. They know that Michael Flynn was the linchpin all along. Once their tax scam is fully in the bag, they’ll no longer have any motivation to try to keep propping up his dying presidency. In fact they’ll have motivation to try to move on without him, because they know he’s toast anyway.

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