Everyone piles on as Donald Trump launches into his most cartoonish meltdown yet

We all knew it was coming. A day and a half after Michael Flynn finalized a plea deal to save his own son and destroy Donald Trump in the process, Trump went off the deep end for all to see. This time around it was arguably his most cartoonish meltdown to date, as he struggled to get his message across and inadvertently confessed to at least one felony along the way. This led observers on all sides to pile on as Trump finished himself off.

Trump began his meltdown by asserting that Michael Flynn’s life has been ruined, when the reality is that Flynn is potentially looking at a very light sentence because he has evidence that will ruin Trump’s life. Trump’s first tweet read “So General Flynn lies to the FBI and his life is destroyed, while Crooked Hillary Clinton, on that now famous FBI holiday “interrogation” with no swearing in and no recording, lies many times…and nothing happens to her? Rigged system, or just a double standard?”

MSNBC analyst Malcolm Nance quickly pegged the meltdown for what it was: “Standby for trouble: Trump knows he is trapped. He will lash out soon.” Meanwhile, Colonel Morris Davis took a sarcastic approach: “Donald Trump unleashes another string of presidential style tweets to uplift the American people and reassure the world that it’s most heavily armed country is in stable and reliable hands.”

Earlier in the day, Donald Trump tweeted that he knew Michael Flynn had lied to the FBI, and in the process confessed to felony obstruction of justice. Trump then falsely claimed that his attorney John Dowd wrote the tweet. After Trump’s late night meltdown began, former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti seized on the moment, replying “Did Dowd write this one too?” As the night went on, Trump began ranting even more thoroughly about Hillary Clinton in increasingly incoherent fashion – and the night is still young.

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