Donald Trump’s sinking base resorts to pure delusion

Last week Donald Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort went to jail. He’s still there. Three of Trump’s other advisers have already cut plea deals against him, each of them agreeing to go to prison. Trump held a political rally last night to try to keep his flagging political base intact, and they spent the rally chanting “Lock her up!” Wait, lock her up?

That’s right, a year and a half after Donald Trump was named the winner of the election, his supporters have literally nothing better to go on than the fantasy that his defeated opponent will somehow magically go to jail. The thing is, they know it’s not happening. Even their compromised brains can do the relative math.

Enough time has passed since the election that the Feds have been able to build complete criminal cases against four of Trump’s campaign advisers, including investigations, grand juries, indictments, and arrests. Dozens more such criminal cases are coming against Trump’s other advisers, family members, business associates, and so on. But the point is that enough time has elapsed that we’ve seen tangible progress when it comes to those investigations. So what have we seen when it comes to Hillary Clinton? Well, nothing.

Donald Trump is now in charge of the Department of Justice. If Hillary Clinton had committed a single crime – whether it be a felony or an unpaid parking ticket – Trump’s DOJ would have had all the time it needed by now to build a criminal case against her. There would be indictments, if not against her yet, then certainly against her underlings. It would all be out in the open.

Instead, there’s nothing, because there is no criminal case against Hillary. There never was. Even Donald Trump’s braindead base knows it by now. Yet they cling to the “Lock Her up” fantasy anyway, because the Trump experiment has been one big failure, and they have nothing to show for it, other than having exposed themselves to the world as being craven and pathetic losers. Even Michael Flynn, the guy who birthed the “Lock Her Up” chant, has pleaded guilty and is on his way to being locked up. Trump’s droolers know this is over for him and them – and they’re clinging to pure delusion.

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