The mainstream media finally begins admitting what we’ve known all along about Donald Trump

For months now, Palmer Report has been consistently pointing to the mounting evidence that Donald Trump is sinking rather severely into senility. It’s brought us an equal measure of gratitude from those who were glad someone was willing to say it, and scorn from those among the Resistance who felt our assessment lacked sufficient evidence. Now, finally, the mainstream media is beginning to acknowledge what’s become too painfully clear to ignore.

Last night the New York Times published a partial transcript of an interview with Donald Trump. The interviewer has been taking some heat for asking softball questions, but the bottom line is that the tactic worked: it made Trump so comfortable that he began speaking freely, and in the process, revealed far more than he should have. Specifically, Trump revealed that he’s gone rather severely senile. It’s not just that he didn’t know what he was talking about in his answers. It’s that he didn’t seem to know what he was saying, period, from one sentence to the next.

All along we’ve been pointing out the numerous individual incidents which, when strung together, paint a picture a man who has gone senile. He consistently wanders away from his own public events and has to be led back by his handlers. He’s wandered away from his own motorcade. He has numerous blank moments whenever he speaks in public. His tweets make less sense than ever. He’s begun slurring his words. This isn’t situational stress. It’s some kind of clinical decline. Fortunately, the media is now finally saying so.

Esquire responded to the New York Times interview by declaring that Trump is in “cognitive decline.” Other news outlets are posting similar assessments. It’s about time. On some level it’s understandable why the mainstream media was hesitant: no one wants to be the first to point out the obvious but uncomfortable truth, when backlash will be the automatic the result. But that ship has now sailed. Donald Trump is senile. Everyone watching closely has known it for a long time. Now even the media is sorta kinda willing to say it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report