Marco Rubio swings, misses, and face plants

Earlier this month it briefly appeared that Marco Rubio had finally discovered a bit of a conscience and a bit of a spine, as he stood up in opposition to his own Republican Party’s evil tax scam bill. Then he immediately backed down after the party threw him a small bone, and he voted for the bill for the same corrupt reason every other GOP Senator voted for it. But today Rubio tried to publicly rebel against the tax scam he just voted for, and face planted in the process.

Marco Rubio just told a newspaper in his home state of Florida that the tax bill is so heavily weighted toward corporations, it’ll backfire and end up not helping the economy at all (link). This would be a pretty bold stand to take against his own party’s tax bill, if he hadn’t just voted for it. The bill is law now. Illegitimate “president” Donald Trump signed it this week. There’s no undoing it until the Democrats take control of the White House and Congress in three years. So what the heck does Rubio think he’s accomplishing here?

Who knows. As he’s proven nearly every time he’s opened his mouth, he’s one of the dumbest people in the Senate on either side of the aisle. He’s intellectually dumb and he’s situationally dumb. We saw him get trampled in the debates by people like Ted Cruz, who despite being a lying creepy weirdo, probably has an IQ twice that of Rubio. This only needs to be spelled out because it appears Rubio is gearing up to run for president in 2020, by which time Trump will have been ousted, and Pence will have either been ousted or neutralized by scandal himself.

But as per usual, Marco Rubio has chosen an incredibly stupid way of setting up his presidential bid. He’s coming out against the tax scam bill, just days after he voted for it. His opponents in 2020 will use his “yes” vote, along with what he just said about the bill, as the headlining argument against him. So he just kicked off his campaign by swinging, missing, and face planting.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report