Senator points to Special Counsel indictments for Donald Trump’s family

For months, it’s been the worst kept secret of the Trump-Russia scandal: Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating Donald Trump’s children for their involvement in various alleged financial crimes. Today a grand jury impaneled by Mueller issued subpoenas in relation to Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with Russia. And this evening a United States Senator pointed to what has long seemed inevitable: indictments for Donald Trump’s family.

That moment came when Senator Richard Blumenthal appeared on-air on MSNBC on Thursday evening to discuss what the next steps may be. Grand juries nearly always return indictments when a prosecutor asks for them. But no sitting President has ever been indicted, so there is no legal precedent for whether it would be Constitutional to indict Donald Trump at this time. For instance Richard Nixon was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Watergate scandal.

But at the end of the MSNBC segment, Senator Blumenthal pointed out that the real reason behind the grand jury may be to indict and prosecute Donald Trump’s associates. Blumenthal then also pointed to the possibility of Trump’s family members being indicted. Because the segment was up against a hard stop, there was no opportunity for further elaboration. But there are reasons to expect multiple members of Trump’s family could be indicted, all of which could place further pressure on his presidency to abruptly end.

Donald Trump Jr. has already confessed to having attempted to collude with Russian government representatives to rig the election in his father’s favor. Junior and his sister Ivanka are both wrapped up in the Trump SoHo financial scandal with convicted Russian mafia figure Felix Sater, which has alleged ties to Russia money laundering. And Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner also has his own Russian collusion problems, as well as having lied on his security clearance forms. Robert Mueller could put them all in prison, and if Trump tried to pardon any of them, it would realistically end his time in office.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report