Donald Trump and his Russian bots

Imagine if folks just sat around and cried “fake news” after Paul Revere rode through the countryside to warn the colonial militia of an impending attack? Would you trust them with your life and the future of our nation after ignoring such a threat or remove them from their post and charge them with dereliction of duty?

Traditionally, when one nation goes to war against another, violence is used to undermine or destabilize and ultimately take over their opponents way of life. While some Americans are holding onto their guns to protect against potential attackers to our democracy here on the home front, Vladimir Putin has been able to attack, undermine and destabilize said democracy here at home, by dropping bots all over America, instead of bombs. While we are under attack, those charged with keeping us safe are sitting around crying, “fake news”.

Republican’s currently control all 3 branches of government including a “well regulated militia” that would make the colonial militia beam with pride. It’s been financed better than any other militia known to man for the ultimate purpose of protecting our lives and our democracy. We also have many modern day Paul Revere’s in charge of our nation’s top intelligence agencies that say the Russian’s are already here! They’ve been here. Our democracy and way of life are under attack!

The foundation of our democracy is rooted in our ability to vote. By sitting around polishing bullets, Republicans have abdicated their responsibility to “support and defend the Constitution” as we get pounded by bots. It’s a dereliction of duty. Since Republican’s refuse to listen to intelligence agencies charged with sounding the alarm like Paul Revere did, maybe someone should send them a memo informing them we are under attack? You know, since they like memo’s so much.

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