Putin and his puppets are facing their comeuppance

I have an extensive background in the mental health profession, including that of neurotherapist (brain wave training). It is widly known in the profession that the ideal brain wave state for optimumn learning is the relaxed state of awareness referred to as “alpha state,” with the operative being relaxed.

It is easy to imagine Putin and his cronies gleefully rubbing their blood-stained hands together at the news we have had related to the mass murder of our innocent children, and the abhorrent response by the NRA, the orange menace, and the GOP. What better way to subvert a democracy than to ensure terror in the shools?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has a wide base for physical needs, which must be met before an individual can aproach the apex, symbolizing self-actualization, or living to one’s potential. The reason is that without safety, security, food, water, housing, and other physical needs being met, we cannot live in the relaxed state of awareness necessary to attain greatness – to creatively solve problems in a visionary manner and to benfit from transcendent spiritual experiences. Make NO MISTAKE about it, GOP. Our school children WILL be safe – IN SPITE OF YOU and your incessant, disgusting greed.

The vast majority of our country (96%+) want strict background checks on guns, and some 67% are strongly in favor of the assault weapon ban THAT WE WILL HAVE. Being elected does not mean a free pass to go play in Washington to line your pockets; it means an opportunity to serve the people who entrusted you with their votes. Paramount among those responsibilities is to keep the children safe and healthy! How’s about for once you act with integrity and do your jobs without concern for personal gain or pleasing your Russian puppet masters? I assure you, GOP, you would find it shockingly refreshing.