Donald Trump’s projection problem

Having been employed as a mental health professional for over a decade, I am quite adept in discerning projections as defense mechanisms.
To paraphrase Marie Louise von Frantz, one of C.G. Jung’s contemporaries an an expert in the field of psychological projections, a projection can appear to be a simple misunderstanding; however, when the facts are presented, if the acrimonious accusations do not dissipate like the sun burning off the morning haze, you are likely dealing with a projection.

Von Frantz also teaches that when one does not accept the projection, this is most disconcerting to the maladaptive individual continuing to attempt to hang their projection on another person or group. (In fact, the projectors can become so irate even as to become violent, per von Frantz.)

Fast forward to our current political climate, we see the lies being spewed constantly by Donald Trump and his Republican Party. About Hillary Clinton, President Obama, liberals in general – the list goes on ad infinitim. What must be done to stop this inanity is for the media to simply state something very blunt, such as “doesn’t sound like the liberals to us.” Or “Liberals do not appear to own this problem.”

As the outrageousness of the claims being made escalates, it become a moral imprative for the mainstream media to stop enabling this sick practice of attacking everything and anything that is uncomfortable for conservatives and attempting to blame liberals for outlandish conspiracies. This type of hysteria and group think clearly holds the potetial for danger, as with Pizza Gate. Please dead-end these outrageous claims publicly, as you appear to feel compelled to reiterate the outrageous projections..