Robert Mueller, please hurry…

Scumbag-in-Chief has sunk to a new low. Tough thing to do, I realize. CNN and other media outlets are reporting that the Donald Trump reelection campaign has emailed out an image of a Parkland shooting survivor, in her hospital bed. The email is asking for campaign donations, stating that Trump is backing a ban on bump stocks and pushing for tougher background checks. The photo is of Madeline Wilford in her hospital bed, surrounded by Loser-in-Chief, his wife, and Madeline’s family.

Now, we all know that the “reelection” campaign is a major funding source and the code words for a slush fund to pay the Trump family’s legal bills.
How low can this piece of garbage sink? Just when we think he can’t do anything more despicable or reprehensible, we are again taken aback by the outright gall and in-your-face “screw you America” behavior of these GOP’ers!

CNN says that the Trump reelection campaign did not return the media’s phone call requesting comment on this horrifyingly embarrassing and shameful maneuver. In a related marketing ploy, Trump’s campaign is reported to have used the same photo in an Instagram post the same day as the sleezy first family visited Madeline in the hospital.

It may be that Madeline and/or her family may have given permission for the photo to be used in this way – the article doesn’t say. But what person with even a teeny modicum of integrity would exploit this young lady and her family in this manner? At least now we know why Trump bothered to visit a survivor in the hospital – “photo-op time!” Scumbag Trump has obviously sunken to a new moral low ground. Please, Mr. Mueller, hurry…