Donald Trump’s “People will die” threat takes on a whole new meaning

Two weeks ago, shortly after he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Asia, Donald Trump told a group of American reporters that “People will die” if the investigation into his Trump-Russia scandal continues. It was a stunning moment which, if the mainstream media were willing to do its job, should have been the end of his presidency. But his White House quickly claimed he only meant that people in Syria would die, and the mainstream media chose to accept that line of horse shit. Now, however, the remark is suddenly taking on a whole new meaning.

The only real question was whether Trump was threatening to kill people in order to put a stop to the Trump-Russia investigation, or if Trump was admitting that Putin was threatening to kill people in order to put a stop to it. In that same timeframe, the leak about Donald Trump Jr and WikiLeaks surfaced. It could only have come from WikiLeaks, who would only have leaked it on Putin’s order. No, Putin isn’t going to try to kill Trump’s son. Even he’s not that cartoonish (or stupid, as it would mean World War III). But it sure felt like a shot across the bow: get these sanctions lifted, or the leaks get worse.

Two weeks later, it’s as clear as ever that Donald Trump will never be able to get U.S. sanctions against Russia lifted. Both parties in Congress are intent on enacting even harsher sanctions to punish Putin for election meddling, so there’s no chance the sanctions will get lifted. Now Donald Trump is suddenly trying to retroactively discredit the Access Hollywood tape, which feels like a preemptive attempt at discrediting the Pee Pee Tape, which means Trump thinks it’s coming.

Donald Trump has also reportedly told Ivanka and Jared to resign from the White House and move back to New York, seemingly a sign that he doesn’t expect to be there much longer either. He appears to have told his ex-wife Ivana that he’s exhausted. It’s as if he now expects Putin to leak the Pee Pee Tape, and he expects to have to resign over it. Maybe Putin wasn’t talking about people literally dying, so much as he was threatening to kill Trump’s presidency. In any case, Trump’s remark is more important than ever.

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