After walking out on NFL game, Mike Pence heads directly to Russian-compromised event

Mike Pence is receiving a mountain of attention today – most of it negative – for having staged a walkout at an NFL football game yesterday in order to protest against the actions of black players. But in the end, where he went directly after he bailed on the game may end up proving to be more important to the unraveling of the Trump-Pence regime.

After leaving the Indianapolis Colts game, Pence got on a plane and headed straight to California, where he attended a fundraiser for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (link). If you’re trying to place the name, Rohrabacher is the guy who has such profound allegiance to Russia that his fellow Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy once accused him behind closed doors of being on Vladimir Putin’s payroll. As controversy began to swirl around Rohrabacher this summer, he doubled down on it by meeting with fellow Russian puppet Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, and attempted to negotiate a pardon.

Rohrabacher is in so deep with Russia, and seemingly so likely to be taken down by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, that no national political figure seems to want to be associated with him. Although he’s based in a Republican-leaning district and was most recently reelected with 58% of the vote, he’s since become so radioactive that it seems likely he’ll lose to a Republican primary challenger in 2018 before he even has a chance to lose the general election. Yet Mike Pence was willing to fly all the way from Indianapolis to California just to attend a fundraiser with Rohrabacher.

If Mike Pence is innocent in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal, then logically speaking, he should want to stay as far away from Trump’s Russian liabilities like Dana Rohrabacher as possible. Was Pence merely being stupid, or is this a sign that he’s in deep in the Russia scandal after all? Time will tell. But let’s not allow the NFL game stunt to prevent the Pence-Rohrabacher connection from being further investigated.

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