What voting republican says about you

First, let’s make it clear – your vote is an endorsement, it does not come with a disclaimer. When you vote for a candidate or a party you are saying, “The policies, platform and people in this party best represent me and my views.” When you vote republican, you are confirming that not only are you okay with what they do, but that you agree with them.

When you vote republican, you are saying that you believe that it is okay to discriminate against someone in the LGBTQ community. You are saying that if a person is not “straight”, that they have the right to be denied housing, jobs, goods and services, the right to adopt, the right to marry, to use a public restroom etc. because they are “different”. This a fundamental part of the republican agenda, as fundamental as being anti-abortion. If you’re a republican, you’re turning your back on anyone you know who is LGBTQ (including yourself).

When you vote republican, you are saying that you are okay with your party being dictated to by the NRA when it comes to gun policy. You accept that they will ignore the will of the majority of its own voters when it comes to reasonable gun restrictions. Most Americans (not just liberals/Democrats) favor an assault weapons ban and background checks. However, the republican party in both the house and the senate have repeatedly refused to pass common sense gun legislation – including measures that would keep someone who is on the no-fly list from purchasing a gun. So, you’re okay with people not being able to get on planes (even when passing through security measures) but you require no security measures for these same people to buy an AR-15.

When you vote republican, you are saying that you are okay with tax cuts going to the wealthy while the poor and sick are denied the opportunity for fundamental needs (healthcare and food). There is no evidence that tax cuts for the wealthy produce more jobs or stimulate the economy, and in fact often causes more damage. But none of that matters to you if you vote republican.

When you vote republican, you are saying that you are okay with white males making the laws for everyone. You are saying you do not want a government that looks like its country, what you want is a government that looks like you think our country used to look. I get it, realizing that whites won’t be the majority soon is scary to you – being in the super majority makes you feel safe and powerful. You will deny it, but you were raised to believe that white people are simply superior to anyone else and the idea that we might have to share our power with people who you consider inferior is upsetting.

When you vote republican, you are saying that you don’t care to a child once it is born. You are saying you don’t care if that child has access to health care, food, shelter, education or a safe home. Those things do not matter to republicans, what matters is that a woman be forced to carry a child to term – regardless of her circumstances). You support laws that say that a woman would have to carry a dead baby to term. You speak (falsely) of fetuses being able to feel pain during a termination, but ignore that there are many medical conditions that could cause suffering to a baby in utero. You support laws that do not even take into consideration the well-being of the mother and whether or not her life is jeopardy, reducing her to nothing more than breeding stock.

When you vote republican your turn your back on science and agree to deny that climate change is real and a destructive force. You have turned scientific fact into an “us versus them” debate. I have yet to be able to understand this, other than it simply comes down to money. Making changes to protect the environment will cost corporations money, and as the GOP aims to protect corporate America over almost anything else, science must be sacrificed.

If you vote republican you are saying you are anti women’s rights. No equal pay, no freedom of choice, no paid maternity leave, you name it, you’re against it. Ultimately, what you are saying if you vote republican is, “If you are not a white, wealthy, Christian, male (or married to one), you’re on your own.”

Wendy Luxenburg

Wendy Luxenburg writes for Palmer Report