Jared Kushner’s latest move means Robert Mueller is one step away from nailing Donald Trump

Even though Donald Trump still doesn’t quite seem to have figured it out yet, Special Counsel Robert Mueller only has one primary goal in his Trump-Russia investigation: bringing Trump to justice for his crime spree. Mueller is giving favorable plea deals to Trump’s underlings like Michael Flynn for the purpose of taking down even bigger fish, who in turn can take down Trump. The most crucial fish of all is Jared Kushner – and he just made a move that changes everything.

Kushner’s attorney is in the process of hiring a crisis management firm, according to the Washington Post (link). This tells us that Kushner either knows he’s about to be arrested and charged, or he’s decided to cut a plea deal, and either way he’s preparing to defend his reputation in the court of public opinion. It means Mueller is in the process of making his signature move in the Trump-Russia investigation, and it’ll change everything.

If Kushner is cutting a deal, it means he’s prepared to turn over the kind of evidence that can nail Donald Trump to the wall. If Kushner is planning to fight any criminal charges in court, most outside political observers believe he’ll end up quickly caving once he sees just what all he’s facing. If and when Kushner caves, it’ll mean Mueller has what he needs to take Trump down – not just for obstruction of justice, but also for whatever other crimes Kushner’s evidence can nail him on.

This helps explain why Donald Trump and his allies are suddenly working so furiously to try to undermine Robert Mueller’s investigation and sabotage Mueller’s reputation. They know Mueller is about to expose Trump as a hardened criminal who committed serious crimes against the United States. They know they can’t stop that from happening. They’re simply trying to muddy the waters. But if Kushner himself is involved in taking Trump down, Trump’s goons won’t have much of a case to make.

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