Mike Pence finds a new way to humiliate himself at the Olympics

Fortunately for the United States, mentally deranged traitorous illegitimate president Donald Trump decided not to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympics. Unfortunately for the United States, his racist sexist homophobic xenophobic lying piece of human excrement vice president Mike Pence attended instead. True to form, Pence promptly found a new way to humiliate himself.

Remember when Pence attended an NFL football game just so he could leave immediately after the National Anthem, in protest of the players who were taking a knee to protest racism? That’s right, Pence is the first public figure to stage a public protest in favor of racism. But even though this guy clearly doesn’t believe in the First Amendment, or equality, or the American way of life, he did see fit to stage a protest of his own during the Olympics. Pence snubbed the North Korean delegation during the opening ceremonies, presumably because he thought that creating an international incident would please his racist warmongering base and please Trump.

The Olympics have always been about bringing the nations of the world together for a friendly competition, even when they can’t get along with each other through any other method. It’s an opportunity to further dialogue, diplomacy, and peace. Mike Pence had no right to do what he did. He apparently didn’t realize how poorly it would play, because he’s already backtracking) by claiming that the snub somehow happened by accident. He’d rather have us think he’s just that incompetent.

Of course Mike Pence has a long and documented history of lying to the American public, including several lies aimed at covering up the traitorous crimes committed in the Trump-Russia scandal. Even as the media continues to largely give Pence a free pass because he doesn’t tweet toxic garbage and foam at the mouth like Donald Trump does, Pence is every bit as much of a worthless piece of crap. He simply found a new way to remind us of as much.

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