Now that WikiLeaks has gotten Donald Trump elected, it’s trying to destroy him

The funny thing about being ushered into office by anarchist cyberterrorists who maliciously attacked your opponent is eventually they’re going to turn against you. Donald Trump has landed in the White House in part due to the massive amount of private data belonging to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party which Russian hackers stole and fed to WikiLeaks, which released it in misleading and out-of-context fashion. But now WikiLeaks has decided to destroy Trump as well.

WikiLeaks was clearly looking to get Trump elected all along, and now it’s become clear why: his entire life has been one big unseemly scandal, and now that he’s holding the office of President of the United States, taking him down means destabilizing America. Just three weeks ago Trump was publicly siding with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But that was a mistake. After all, anarchists only want to destroy. So it wasn’t at all surprising to see that WikiLeaks is now seeking Donald Trump’s tax returns so it can leak them and destroy him in the process.

The WikiLeaks announcement vows to release Trump’s tax returns, which he spent the entire campaign fighting tooth and nail to keep hidden, presumably due to just how dire of secrets and scandals they contain. It’s difficult to figure out who’s more naive: those who thought WikiLeaks was on their side, or those who voted for Donald Trump.

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