After his overseas trip, there may be nothing left for Donald Trump to come back to

Based on his increasingly frequent and severe displays of senility in recent months, Donald Trump is clearly suffering from a rapidly advancing cognitive disease. As his Trump Russia scandal has hit flashingred-light chaos over the past two weeks, it’s not entirely clear that he has a proper understanding of just how much trouble he’s in; he only appears to know that the trouble is growing more severe. Now he’s marooned on an extended overseas trip as his world is falling apart – and it’s no longer clear what he’ll be coming back to.

At this point there is not only the possibility, but the probability, that more of Donald Trump’s top campaign advisers will be arrested during the course of his current overseas trip. That may not even be the worst of it. Last night the transcript from Trump campaign adviser Carter Page’s congressional testimony was publicly released, and it’s a treasure trove of bumbling confessions and accusations. Trump campaign official Sam Clovis testified in a grand jury last week, either in his own defense or against a more senior official, meaning the indictments and arrests are rapidly moving up the chain. That’s just the start.

Now that the arrests are underway, panic is the watchword for everyone in Trump’s orbit. At any time, any one of the remaining Trump-Russia players could opt to cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller that would directly lead to Trump himself being incriminated and/or indicted. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is now hanging onto his job – and his freedom – by a thread. He’s set to testify about the Trump-Russia scandal in public congressional hearings next Tuesday, and as he becomes more panicky, he could end up getting flustered and unwittingly incriminate the entire lot of them.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross is suddenly so compromised by the Trump-Russia scandal, he may have to resign. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is now signaling that she wants to resign, which may be a sign that she thinks Trump is on his way out anyway. Even Trump’s own people seem to think he’s finished. By the time Donald Trump comes back to the United States, there may be nothing left of his presidency to come back to.

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