Nancy Pelosi told off James Comey to his face today in front of a room full of people

The Democrats in Congress have no authority to get rid of FBI Director James Comey, even though he blatantly rigged the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump in criminal fashion. And it’s not a given that they’d want to force him out right now, as Trump could replace him with someone even more corrupt. But the Democrats sure are planning to use the hapless Comey as a punching bag for gaining political leverage against Trump. And in some instances they’re just going to use Comey as a punching bag, period.

That’s what happened today when Comey sat down with Congress to deliver a briefing on Russian election hacking. This was the first opportunity the House Democrats had been given to confront Comey to his face since the election, and according to the New York Times, they made the most of it. They began peppering him with questions as to why he made a point of publicizing his comparatively minor investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, while concealing the fact that the FBI was investigating Donald Trump’s ties to Russia as well as Russia’s attempts at rigging the election on Trump’s behalf. His answers sucked, and that’s when Nancy Pelosi took over.

Pelosi, currently the House Minority Leader, told off Comey to his face in front of a room full of Congressmen. She demanded that he stop being so “condescending” to members of Congress. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former DNC Chair and still a member of Congress, then also began beating up on Comey to his face. Democrats then left the meeting and promptly began trashing James Comey to the media. This comes even as the DOJ Inspector General is now attempting to take Comey down.

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