Donald Trump is even more demented than we thought

Even before getting to the fact that he committed treason by conspiring with a foreign enemy to rig the presidential election in his favor, Donald Trump is one of the most demented people on the planet. Every word out of his mouth is foul, dishonest, belittling, and aimed at causing hurt or harm to others. He’s the kind of sick twisted individual who gets off on being a piece of excrement. None of this is news, of course. But on Wednesday he demonstrated that he’s even more demented than we thought.

Donald Trump saw Republican Congressman Steve Scalise on Wednesday for the first time since Scalise returned to Congress after getting shot in the hip by a would-be assassin, which nearly killed him. Reasonable people on all sides of the political spectrum found the shooting to be a grotesque violation of our system of elected government. So how did Trump mark the occasion of Scalise’s return? By publicly making fun of him for having a history of being slightly overweight.

Trump wisecracked that Scalise getting shot was “a hell of a way to lose weight.” To be clear, Trump also said some nice things about Scalise before and after the remark. But this is nothing short of disgusting, for a few reasons. First, Scalise is still recovering, and it’s not clear that his body will ever be quite right. Second, Scalise is the rare victim of an attempted political assassination in the United States, which makes it particularly unfunny. Third, Trump is supposed to be the President of the United States. However one might define “presidential” behavior, this was precisely the opposite.

Some might suggest that this assessment of Donald Trump’s attempted joke is too harsh. However, this was not an isolated mistake in judgment, and is instead part of a larger pattern. Trump consistently acts in the most boorish, bullying, hurtful, and inappropriate manner he thinks he can get away with. He’s bragged about sexually assaulting women. He’s called for Hillary Clinton to be assassinated. Now he seems to think it’s funny to make fat jokes about an attempted assassination of a Congressman which left him in dire physical condition. Trump is not suitable for the presidency. He arguably doesn’t even qualify as a member of the human race.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report