Here comes Donald Trump’s deranged meltdown

Is the United States is worse off when Donald Trump sits around and does nothing, causing the nation to fall further into disrepair and irrelevance, or is the U.S. worse off when the mentally incompetent and treasonous Trump occasionally tries to do the job? That’s long been a debate among reasonable people. We do know this much: whenever Trump has nothing on his plate, he gets bored and angsty and agitated, and he ends up having a meltdown.

So we knew we were in for a doozy of a day as soon as CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted late on Wednesday night that there are “no public events on Trump’s schedule tomorrow.” There are probably at least some internal meetings on Trump’s schedule for tomorrow, and maybe he’ll even show up for them. It’s been widely reported that on some days he refuses to come to the Oval Office for morning meetings, and instead sits around the White House residence in his pajamas. But the reality here is that Trump is set to have an under-scheduled day on Thursday, which means he’ll indeed end up going off the deep end. So what will he angrily rage about this time?

Trump seemed particularly agitated during his public appearances on Wednesday, at a time when he should have been celebrating his one and only legislative victory of the year. It’s clear that something is off and he knows it. Is he afraid Robert Mueller will have Jared Kushner arrested this week? Does he suspect that Kushner may have already cut a deal against him? Has he concluded that the Republican Congress has been in such a rush to ram the tax scam bill through because it’s going to strategically oust him next?

Because Donald Trump’s handlers have him so isolated and cut off from the real world, it can take quite a long time for him to learn about headline news. For instance, will he attack Disney for its hideously ugly new animatronic Trump robot in the Hall of Presidents, or has he even heard about that yet? Maybe he’ll just tweet some random new lies about Hillary Clinton. In any case, now he’s already visibly agitated, and he’s about to have a light day, here comes Trump’s deranged meltdown.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report