Robert Mueller, Donald Trump and money laundering

Our country has spent trillions of dollars on a military to protect us, and our government officials take an oath to uphold the Constitution. Our Pentagon has armed our military to the teeth in the event we are attacked, and has trained a formidable force, and they are battle tested. And yet, the threat we are facing with now is from within.

One of my favorite stories in American history concerns a General of the Continental Army by the name of Benedict Arnold. He was a great American hero who had been wounded during a battle in the Revolutionary War, and he had unfortunately been passed over for advancement by his superiors who had taken credit for his military accomplishments. He had taken on a lot of debt, and he betrayed his country. He was conspiring with the British to turn over West Point to them.

The plan was foiled, and Arnold, in the end, joined the British and fought against our country. He fled to England before he could be captured. Washington had attempted to capture Arnold, after learning about his treason, but he managed to escape. Washington had advised his men that in no way should Arnold be injured or killed. He wanted to catch him alive so that he could be made into an example.

So what does this have to do with Trump you ask? Well, obviously President Bone Spurs is not a military hero. But he did go into deep debt in the 90s, and banks avoided doing business with him. Russian oligarchs were more than happy to loan the Trump businesses money. And since none of the Oligarchs can do business without Putin, essentially that dirty money is running right through Putin before it gets to Trump.

This is where the money laundering investigation is going to end up, and Mueller has to make an example of Trump. He has to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. And that is why the investigation is being duplicated by the NY State Attorney. So even if Trump was to be pardoned, he could still be prosecuted and his crimes would still be punished.

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