Republican Party leadership throws a fit after latest loss

I can’t recall at what point in time it became the new norm to subvert justice whenever a political entity doesn’t get its way. Certainly, not everyone behaves this way, but clearly the GOP feels entitled to do so. The most recent example of this is the GOP’s backlash against the recent Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision to disallow the gerrymandered redistricting foisted upon voters by – none other than – the GOP. When the court decision was handed down, GOP members immediately began threatening impeachment of the State Supreme Court Justices.

Even as they have taken the appropriate legal steps to challenge the decision by appealing the State Supreme Court’s decision to the SCOTUS, they are also making noises to the effect that if they don’t get their way, they will move to impeach the PA Supreme Court Justices. Can this actually be done without significant ramifications? We may find out.

US Semator Toomey is demanding “a conversation” about this very topic, presumably as a preemptive measure to have in place just in case SCOTUS doesn’t hand the GOP what they want. These people apparently have no shame.

It is unconscionable an incomprehensible that these morons are getting away with all this. No one is supposed to be above the law, yet nothing is apparently happening to stop the GOP from subverting justice in this and many other ways (beyond the scope of the Mueller investigation).
Does anyone else here find the GOP’s incredibly blatant disregard for the rule of law and the will of the voters, not to mention the right of every voter to have their votes counted, to be unacceptable?

Two-year-olds have behaved this way, no doubt, since time began. But, for (presumably) well-educated elected officials, this is just beyond unacceptable! I can only hope Special Counsel Robert Mueller is watching the Republican Party and taking notes.