Michael Flynn has resigned over Russia scandal, and Donald Trump is in a shitload of trouble

Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has resigned just moments ago (turn on CNN right now if you want confirmation). His resignation comes four days after the United States intelligence community outed Flynn as having illegally colluded with the Russian ambassador, both before and after election day. His resignation also comes just two hours after it was revealed that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates had tried to warn Trump about Flynn, shortly before Trump fired her – which means Trump is now in a shitload of trouble.

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There is now the perception that Trump fired Yates at least partly because he knew that she was onto Flynn’s Russian collusion, and he wanted to protect Flynn. That may or may not end up being provable, but it’s now going to be how the majority of the public perceives it. Flynn’s subsequent resignation is an admission of guilt on his part, and it raises the specter of why Trump refused to fire the guy. It will only serve to reinforce the notion that Trump has been trying to protect Flynn all along.

And Trump’s only logical reason for having protected Flynn, whom he doesn’t even like, is that Trump must have been afraid of what Flynn might say or do in retaliation if he was fired. That in turn suggests that Flynn was acting on Trump’s instruction, or at least with Trump’s knowledge, when he began colluding with the Russian ambassador prior to the election. In other words, Trump was protecting Flynn to try to keep Flynn from retaliating by taking Trump down with him. But now that the erratic Flynn has quit, all bets are off.

Will Michael Flynn now turn around and rat out Donald Trump and anyone else in the campaign or administration who was in on the Russian collusion? What of this explosive revelation from the Washington Post that Sally Yates warned Trump about Flynn’s Russian collusion before he fired her? We don’t know precisely how all these pieces will land – but Trump is now in a shitload of trouble, and it’s about to hit the White House fan.

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