Deranged Donald Trump takes health insurance away from millions, declares “Merry Christmas!”

Donald Trump signed an executive order on Thursday night whose sole purpose was to ensure that health care insurance premiums would skyrocket for millions of Americans, thus costing many of them their insurance altogether – simply so he could spite former President Obama. It represented one of the most coldhearted and sociopathic moves in the history of the presidency. Trump’s response to his own move: he declared “Merry Christmas.” No, really.

Just hours after signing the homicidal executive order, Trump gave a speech to a fringe anti-gay hate group called the Values Voter Summit. Even though it’s October, he used the occasion to babble idiotically about Christmas of all things. He said “We’re getting near that beautiful Christmas season that people don’t talk about anymore. They don’t use the word Christmas because it’s not politically correct.” Of course that’s not the case at all; only an inconsiderate jackass would try to push their religion on strangers during a business transaction in a store. But Trump continued.

“Guess what? We’re saying Merry Christmas again.” (link). That was the thrust of Trump’s message to this group of bigoted conservative hate mongers who blasphemously pretend to be Christians in the name of carrying out their anti-American extremism. Again, this was just hours after Trump signed an executive order whose sole purpose was to kill Americans by depriving them of their existing health insurance. Naturally, the phony Christians at this conference thoroughly supported Trump’s move.

So now we’ve reached the point where Donald Trump is literally attempting mass murder against United States citizens just for kicks, and then meeting with an anti-American extremist group and declaring “Merry Christmas.” The 25th Amendment was crafted specifically in case a United States President descended into total mental incompetence. Trump has gone to an even worse place: he’s senile and pure evil.

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