James Comey added to growing list of people Donald Trump has fired to fend off his Russia scandal

Donald Trump just keeps firing people in the hope of fending off his exploding Russia scandal. Today his latest victim was FBI Director James Comey, who had been tasked with leading the investigation into the scandal. But the list just keeps growing. Here’s an updated list of the most prominent people Trump has fired in suspicious fashion in order to try to protect himself, in reverse chronological order:

FBI Director James Comey: He was hand picked for the job by the Republican leadership just a couple years ago, and he was certainly no friend of Hillary Clinton. And yet Trump fired Comey today in a last ditch effort at fending off the scandal.

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara: Trump had just told Bharara in November that he could keep his job. But when Bharara seemed to be getting too close to busting some of Trump’s associates in a federal case, Trump simultaneously fired forty-seven U.S. Attorneys just to try to create cover for Bharara’s firing.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates: She warned Donald Trump that his National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was dirty on Russia, and then Trump immediately fired her.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn: Days after Trump fired Yates to protect Flynn, word of Flynn being compromised leaked out to media anyway, and Trump forced Flynn to resign as a scapegoat.

Campaign adviser Carter Page: During the election, the Donald Trump campaign forced out adviser Carter Page in an attempt at making Trump’s Russia scandal go away.

Campaign chairman Paul Manafort: During the election, Donald Trump forced out campaign chairman and manager Manafort in an attempt at scapegoating him for the Russia scandal.

Donald Trump has also fired a number of less prominent people over his Russia scandal, and he’s fired a number of other people in which the reason may or may not have been related to this Russia scandal. Help fund Palmer Report

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