Even the Richard Nixon Library is trolling Donald Trump for firing FBI Director James Comey

In U.S. politics, the very worst optics possible for the President of the United States are when a scandal or coverup look so bad that they evoke comparisons to Richard Nixon and Watergate. But tonight we’re seeing that being taken to an entirely new level. Now that Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey to try to fend off his Russia scandal, Trump is essentially being trolled on Twitter by the ghost of Nixon himself.

Nixon’s Presidency basically ended when he began firing people to try to shut down the ongoing investigation into his Watergate scandal. This served to deplete public support and Congressional support to the point that Nixon ended up resigning not all that long thereafter. Several political pundits are now comparing Trump’s firing of James Comey, who had been in charge of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, to Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre firings.

But the official verified Twitter account for the Richard Nixon Library has taken things even further by trolling Donald Trump on Twitter and asserting that Trump has gone even further than Nixon did. The tweet from the Nixon Library reads: “FUN FACT: President Nixon never fired the Director of the FBI” (link). It then goes on to add a hashtag that reads “Not Nixonian.”

Now we wait to see the fallout from Trump’s firing of Comey, and how closely it ends up resembling the fallout which took Richard Nixon down after he fired the person in charge of investigating his scandal. Help fund Palmer Report

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