The Liar-in-Chief finds a way to outdo himself

Donald Trump is not only an illegitimate president, he has proven to all that his word is most definitely not his bond. Having lived a sheltered life, always surrounded by sycophants, Trump has never been held accountable for his words or deeds. This puts Trump at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to working outside of the corrupt world of real estate and construction.

Trump has already earned himself a horrible reputation in the fields he’s worked in, whether it be real estate or Trump’s mailable meats, and the only consistency he has displayed is fraud and failure. Therefore, when Trump says to the news media that he has never worked for Russia before, his word carries very little weight – particularly in light of the totality of his administration’s contact with the rogue nation.

Trump’s lack of candor is legendary, yet he still calls up cable news and accuses James Comey of being a horrible liar. Kellyanne Conway, loyal to Trump ‘til the end, is also accusing rogue actors in the FBI of working against Trump from the beginning. It is difficult to reconcile a world in which James Comey, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are the traitorous villains to Trump and Kellyanne’s virtuous natures.

Apparently, in Trump World, if you follow the law instead of Trump’s dictates, then you are “rogue” and a “liar” among many other accusations Trump feels free to hurl about in his cavalier manner. It doesn’t matter who you are or how stellar your reputation, if you do not fall into line with Trump’s ridiculous inclinations towards tyranny, then you are persona non grata. All of this posturing is just Trump’s way of distracting citizens from the truth.

Donald Trump’s lack of awareness and lack of integrity are never more evident than when watching him defend his government shutdown. When asked about federal employees who are missing their paychecks, Trump was so brutish as to brush off their concerns, waving them away with a mumbled platitude. He has manufactured a border crisis to help him avoid getting ousted, by pushing the buttons of his voting base. This is just another example of Trump’s inability to tell the truth. We all should know by now that Trump is untrustworthy, and his word is as good as a degree from Trump University. I have a feeling we are shortly going to find out the gross extent of how cheaply Donald Trump values his word.