Leslie Jones as Trump: the SNL sketch that just finished off Donald Trump’s fragile psyche

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Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live tonight, giving the show an opportunity to play with the fact that he’s been regularly appearing as a guest to portray Donald Trump. Sure enough, Baldwin lampooned a hapless Trump suing federal judges on the People’s Court. But it was the “other” Trump sketch that might have been the biggest of the night, as Leslie Jones put in the orange wig herself.

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Reports this week were that Donald Trump was unnerved at seeing his press secretary Sean Spicer portrayed by a woman, Melissa McCarthy, on last week’s episode of SNL — to the point that Trump is now reportedly interviewing candidates to replace Spicer. That gave SNL the idea to have another woman, Kate McKinnon, portray Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions on tonight’s episode. But the real fun came when Leslie Jones asked aloud who would portray Trump if Alec Baldwin didn’t want to keep doing it forever – and she decided to do it herself.

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The sketch saw Leslie Jones donning an orange wig and bushy eyebrows so she could try to sell her Donald Trump impression to Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels. When he rejected it, she began angrily ranting and smashing up his office, in a fashion one might imagine the real Trump was acting right around the time he realized he was being portrayed by a woman.

If Donald Trump thought it made Spicer look “weak” (his word) to be portrayed by a woman, what must Trump have been thinking when a woman portrayed him tonight? Just to rub it in, the sketch also had another Saturday Night Live cast member, Vanessa Bayer, portraying Trump as well. So there you have it: three different people portrayed Trump on SNL tonight, including a guy he hates (Baldwin), and two women who may well have finished off his fragile psyche.

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