This is the part where Jared Kushner squeals like a pig and Donald Trump goes down

For the past week, we’ve seen it coming. Donald Trump’s allies leaked to the media that they were scapegoating Jared Kushner for the firing of FBI Director James Comey. Kushner fired back by leaking that Trump had told him and Ivanka to move back to New York. Trump’s legal team tipped off that it believed Michael Flynn had cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Now the New York Times is confirming that Flynn is in fact negotiating a deal.

Michael Flynn is going to take everyone down in Donald Trump’s inner political circle who has ever committed a whiff of a crime. Flynn knows every dirty Trump-Russa deed that took place during the campaign. He knows what was really going on during the transition. Mueller wouldn’t be willing to give Flynn a deal unless Flynn is offering dirt on someone more important than himself. Flynn has enough dirt to ruin Jared Kushner’s life.

That means Jared Kushner will be the next to cut a deal of his own. In turn, Mueller will only give Kushner a deal if he gives up someone even more important – and that would have to be Donald Trump himself. So now that Flynn is cutting a deal, it’s easy to draw a fairly straight line to Trump’s demise. That doesn’t it’ll be immediate. In fact, unless Trump decides he’s had enough and preemptively resigns, his ouster won’t be immediate. These things still take time, even once the biggest fish begin cooperating. But today marks the point of no return, and everyone involved knows it.

It shouldn’t take Jared Kushner long to realize that Michael Flynn’s deal means he’s screwed, and to begin working on a deal of his own. Once the Kushner deal is in place, it’ll be all popcorn and fireworks toward the finish line.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report